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“Merchandise Galleons could not be, the shape of the sails was immediately clear and little by little, at the top of the breakers, the same crescent of the hulls: they were Turkish Galleys, in the middle of the Otranto Canal "
Everyone's Hour, by Maria Corti

Long time we have come since that day, but today as then, walking through the alleys of the old town, you can still find the stone balls on the doorsteps of the houses, the mighty walls within which the inhabitants of Otranto took refuge are still there, powerful to embrace this pearl in one of the most blue seas in Italy.

Discover Otranto

The Basilica
of Santa Maria dell’Annunziata

Today, in the Cathedral of Santa Maria dell’Annunziata, we find the relics of the 800 Otranto martyrs who refused conversion and submission. Enchanting the Mosaic floor made between 1163 and 1165 by a group of artists led by the Basiliano monk Pantaleone of the Monastery of San Nicola di Casole.
The icons representing scenes from the Old Testament and the Tree of Life trace the human experience from original sin to salvation ...

Discover Otranto

The Aragonese Castle

The Castle of Otranto, defensive bulwark of the old city, rebuilt several times due to repeated attacks, gave its name to the first Gothic novel in history "The Castle of Otranto" by Horace Walpole from 1764. Today it hosts exhibitions of international importance and events in a truly unique location.

Discover Otranto

The Palascìa Lighthouse

Capo d’Otranto or Punta Palascìa is the easternmost point of Italy. Today a couple of engineers, Elisa and Alessandro, received this historic lantern dating back to 1867 "up for adoption", undertaking to make it the stage for small events and activities able to enhance it.

Climbing the 138 steps it is possible to extend the gaze between Albania and Greece on the days when the Tramontana wind offers a breathtaking spectacle.

Discover Otranto

Old Bauxite Quarry

The effect is incredible, the colors are those of a "Martian" Salento: a deserted red-brown land with in the center an emerald green small lake. All around the Mediterranean maquis and little vegetation that in the changing of the seasons assumes shades from the yellow of dry grass to lush green shades.

A place not to miss for those who come to Otranto. If lucky, you could attend to one of the amazing concerts at sunrise in Baia dell’Orte, perhaps the most beautiful bay in Salento.

Discover Otranto

Atlantis beach

Fine sandy beach, in one of the most suggestive natural coves of the city of Otranto, just 1.5 km from the hotel.

Only for our guests
Umbrella, two sunbeds and two beach towels
Euro 16.00 May, June, September, October
Euro 22.00 July
Euro 25.00 August