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Il Melograno


Il Melograno

Tradition and innovation, past and present, research and passion...
Marco Gianfreda, our Executive Chef, and Luca Borlizzi,, il nostro Executive Chef, e Luca Borlizzihis second, are so: guys with great experience, lots of technique and imagination and above all Love for what they do.
Dining at the Restaurant Il Melograno is an experience to live, a journey within a journey

Lounge Bar

The aperitif at sunset is an institution at the Lounge Bar of the Vittoria Resort. Andrea, from the counter, conveys all his passion for Mixology world involving every evening a large group of people in the "rite of pre-dinner". From great classics like Moscow Mule or Spritz to cocktails created on the spot for the personal taste of its customers, it is a fixed stop for guests who like starting the evening in the best way…

Marco Gianfreda - Executive Chef
Luca Borlizzi - Chef

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Restaurant Il Melograno
Vittoria Resort
Via Catona, Otranto – 73028
tel: +39 0836 237280


"Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness."
Auguste Escoffier