We don't ask for uniformity and predictability from a hotel. We ask to be treated as unique person in a unique place for a unique occasion.
Beppe Severgnini

A place to live your holiday in Otranto, a romantic getaway just for a night or a seaside week in Puglia, have a drink together by the pool or spend the last weekend as a single, with friends of a lifetime, for a bachelorette party you will always remember...

Aperitifs at sunset, dinners to awake your taste buds with dishes created every day by our chefs, long walks among the ancient walls of the nearby historic center ...

This and much more is waiting for you ...

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The Rooms

For many people the rooms of a hotel are a simple place to sleep...
... for us they are soft and enveloping beds, cotton sheets that smell of clean, big bright windows which let in warm ray sunshine and the fresh north wind...


  • Room 18sqm
  • Bathroom 5sqm


  • Room 26sqm
  • Bathroom 6sqm
  • Sitting Corner

Junior suite

  • Room 32sqm
  • Bathroom 6sqm
  • Sitting Corner with sofa

Lounge Bar

The aperitif at sunset is an institution at the Lounge Bar of the Vittoria Resort. Andrea, from the counter, conveys all his passion for Mixology world involving every evening a large group of people in the "rite of pre-dinner". From great classics like Moscow Mule or Spritz to cocktails created on the spot for the personal taste of its customers, it is a fixed stop for guests who like starting the evening in the best way…

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"When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is a secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance."

Diane von Furstenberg

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“Merchandise Galleons could not be, the shape of the sails was immediately clear and little by little, at the top of the breakers, the same crescent of the hulls: they were Turkish Galleys, in the middle of the Otranto Canal "
Everyone's Hour, by Maria Corti

Long time we have come since that day, but today as then, walking through the alleys of the old town, you can still find the stone balls on the doorsteps of the houses, the mighty walls within which the inhabitants of Otranto took refuge are still there, powerful to embrace this pearl in one of the most blue seas in Italy.

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